DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: Jason's Stock Tank Cold Plunge

DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: Jason's Stock Tank Cold Plunge

I'm not going to lie... after I saw Jason post in the Facebook Group, I was a little jealous of his entire DIY Cold Plunge space - antler handle, pull-up bar and shaded back patio make for a really cool environment to do your daily cold plunge. Check out tips, tricks and other images from Jason below!


Why did you decide to build a cold plunge?

For years I've listened to many people I admire and respect speak about the many benefits of cold exposure. I wanted a cold plunge but the cost was too high so I never did it. I just took cold showers for the last 5 years or so. When I found DIY Cold Plunge I felt like I had a road map to successfully build a cold plunge. I also love DIY projects so I jumped in.

What’s your go-to routine?

Currently 3 minutes every morning at 42°F

How did you discover the plans?

I Just randomly came across a YouTube video going down the cold plunge rabbit hole.



How long did it take, from start to finish?

It took me about 6 weeks. I ordered a Penguin Chiller and that's how long it took to ship so I sort of spaced the build out based on that time frame.

Were there any unexpected difficulties during the construction process?

Ya, you have to be creative and resourceful when you encounter little problems. Searching The FB group was very helpful in finding answers to the little unexpected issues that come up.

What pump, chiller, filter/ozone are you using?

Danner 1200, Penguin 1/2 HP High Efficiency, Culligan WH-S200C filter, Ambohr Ozone generator. I couldn't find the GE filter at any of my local Home Depot stores even though they said they were in stock, that's how I ended up ordering the Culligan - probably would not do that again in hindsight, but I made it work.. The Penguin chiller obviously took a while.


I have to ask... Is there a story behind the antler?

Haha, oh ya the antler. It’s just an elk shed that I found this summer hiking in central New Mexico. It’s not a particularly big or impressive one but I thought it was the perfect size for a handle on top of the cover. So I drilled it and screwed it in and it’s actually a pretty solid and functional handle.

How did the actual cost of building the cold plunge compare to your initial budget or expectations?

I was hoping for $1500 and I probably spent $2200. But I'm very happy with the results. Well worth it.


Any cost-saving tips for anyone looking to take on a DIY cold plunge?

Maybe order a Budget Chiller?

Were there any time-saving techniques or recommendations that you uncovered throughout the process?

Maybe order a Budget Chiller? Haha.

Is there anything you wish you had known or would like to see added to our plans?

I insulated first before I got my chiller and could properly leak test the whole system. I got lucky, no leaks, but it would definitely be better to do it the way you recommend.



Would you recommend the plans to other DIY'ers?

I have, my buddy Chris is building one now.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your overall experience or any tips for future builders?

Lean on the FB group. There is so much info and accumulated knowledge there.


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