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    My goal is to equip you with the know-how to build cold plunge that would easily retail at $5,000, $7,000 or even $13,000... but for a fraction of that price. You can get a fully complete, legit setup for about $1,500 and even scale back from there.

    All products and plans on this site are my tested & proven essentials for building a diy cold plunge. 

    Whether you are making a rubbermaid cold plunge or are setting out to build a high-end bathtub or luxury ice bath, I have plans available with diagrams, shopping lists and direct links to everything you'll need. Please read each product description to see what is included in each plan as some are start-to-finish guides and others are a la carte. 

    I stock everything sold on this site - water pumps, waterproof LED lights, ozone generators, fittings, etc. typically ship out the following business day. Downloadable plans are fulfilled automatically via email.