DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: David's Stock Tank Cold Plunge

DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: David's Stock Tank Cold Plunge

David did a fantastic job building his DIY Cold Plunge. The finishing touches give it a clean design and make it stand out from other stock tank cold plunges I have seen. Plus, it fits perfectly in his garage gym - which also looks legit! Read on to learn more about his building process.


So... why build a cold plunge?

I started this process by getting talked into plunging at work. Someone brought in a 100 gallon tub, and we have a commercial ice maker. I didn’t know anything about it but I felt amazing afterward. I started at home with a portable tub and frozen water bottles. Once it became a habit I decided I needed a more permanent solution. I actually had no idea there were even ready to buy complete units available. The first site I stumbled upon was and it took off from there.


How long did it take, from start to finish?

It took me about 10 days. My chiller was in stock when I ordered it so there was no waiting. I worked on it a few hours a day.


What was your total cost? 

I remember reading some posts on the Facebook page estimating around $1,500-$2,000 for the 100 gallon build. I was right in the middle, around $1,700 all-in. 


Any cost saving tips for others?

I don’t have cost saving tips, but more so frustration saving tips if that helps. Research and plan your steps ahead of time, write it out. Buy good quality stuff when it comes to the major stuff like the chiller, pump, and bulkhead fittings. Cheaping out on stuff like that in the beginning can actually cost more money and frustration in the future when it fails early. 


Were there any unexpected obstacles during the build?

I didn’t have any real difficulties. Some materials, like the PVC panel you used for the top, were not available anywhere near me, so I decided to make it out of cedar.


Did you make any substitutions or modifications to the plan?

I bought the framing plans and the plumbing bundle. The only thing that was different was the chiller. I used an Active Aqua 1/2HP instead of the one spec’d in the plans. It fit without modification. Oh, I also added the Spa LED light. 



Were there any time-saving techniques or recommendations that you uncovered throughout the process?

No, following the plans was easy and there wasn’t any wasted time that I could think of. Like I mentioned before, just plan out the steps ahead of time.


Is there anything you wish you had known or would like to see added to our plans?

No, you covered everything I could think of. Shopping lists were great to have!



What is the best part of having a DIY cold plunge?

I love being able to go in whenever I am ready, at whatever temperature I choose. No more waiting for the water to chill. I also love seeing the completed project, knowing I was able to complete it. 


Would you recommend the plans to other DIY'ers?

Yes. I already have. Two of my friends have already built their own, and a third has one in progress.

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