DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: Jeff's Luxury DIY Cold Plunge

DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: Jeff's Luxury DIY Cold Plunge

Why’d you choose to build a DIY Cold Plunge?

Last year my wife and I spent some time trying it out on a SUPER low budget. That being a rubbermaid bin using the Utah winter as our natural "chiller". The water got way, WAY too cold and honestly wasn't the most sanitary when it wouldn't freeze. We moved into a new home in April and we both knew that one we got settled there we wanted something more permanent, and better looking

How long did it take, from start to finish?

For us it probably took a total of two weeks, spending a few hours most days and trying to do smaller chunks at a time. Some days that full "few hours" was non-stop, for days where we cut the wood, etc. while some of the other days work was limited to 15 minutes of applying the urethane to the top deck and waiting until later that day or the next to do another coat. We used my father-in-law's workshop (since he has every imaginable cutting, sanding apparatus needed) and it was sheltered from the elements, which was nice considering a few of those days had summer rain storms that would have stopped our progress otherwise.

What was the total cost?

I was planning on budgeting somewhere between $2,500 and $3,000 to build it. At the end of the day we went slightly above since I opted for a stronger chiller, and therefore higher flow pump. I think the only "set-back" was the shipping cost(s) of the tank. It cost almost as much to ship it as the tank cost. Luckily since we were using my father-in-law's tools, he was interested in the "plunge life", so I ordered a second black tank (the shipping cost was that same for multiple tanks since they were coming FedEx freight) figuring either a) he'd buy it from me or b) I could find someone locally or another friend who would be building one after they saw how kick-ass mine way.  At the end of the day my father-in-law ended up using that tank and building a plunge also!


Did you run into any issues during the build?

I was pretty meticulous about studying the plans from DIY cold plunge beforehand and took my time to secure all the pieces needed in advance, since when I start a project I don't like "putting it down". There were a few small problems, self-inflicted, that caused an extra run (or 5) to Home Depot. We also make a relatively small mis-measurement when building the frame, but it was simple enough to resolve and only caused a little lost time.

What modifications did you make to the Luxury DIY Cold Plunge Plan?

I think the only modifications I made to the plan was using a smart plug to run the ozone vs the christmas tree timer. We also went VERY liberally with the caulking the tub and top deck. The only other changes we made was a slightly different design/style of the siding and we liked the aesthetics of the horizontal lines vs a fully flat surface.

Any tips for others wanting to build a cold plunge?

I think the only recommendation is don't rush. I'd suggest you study the plans and come up with the right order for your desire and space. We really prioritized getting the areas that needed to be coating with urethane (the top deck and stool), since we know once building/assembling them we would need a few days to the drying process over multiple coats. I also think the other nice thing to consider is when it gets to the plumbing really be patient, it might feel like thats a job you can knock out in 30 minutes but I what I learned is by going into it with that mindset, I miss glued/mismeasured a few things which cost me even more time for one of those extra home depot trips mentioned above

Is there anything you wish you had known or would like to see added to our plans?

Not really. The only thing I can think of (and I still may try this) is having the vent, specifically on the side my chiller is located, to be one of the styles that you can open and close. Its not a huge hassle to open up the rear vent to adjust the chiller or check on condensation, and honestly that's probably a bigger issue for where my plunge is located vs the plans, there just isn't enough space between my plunge and the house to open it up and poke my head in.


What’s the best part of having a DIY Cold Plunge?

The ease of access. I really enjoy plunging and having it a few steps out my backdoor is unbeatable. Maintenance is simple, my wife and I LOVE IT! Our dog loves being in the backyard so he loves it every night when we go out there and plunge, it's been a real treat for him and us.

Would you recommend the plans to other DIY'ers?

Yes, I would highly recommend the plans. Honestly it's really fun when someone comes to visit and I show them the plunge, I take a real sense of pride when someone refuses to believe that I actually built it from the plans. The fact we painted the siding to match the house, the quality of construction make people think we had it custom build by someone other than ourselves.

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