DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: Jordan's Sauna & Cold Plunge Setup

DIY Cold Plunge Spotlight: Jordan's Sauna & Cold Plunge Setup

Take a look at this cold plunge and sauna setup! When Jordan shared his DIY Cold Plunge in the Facebook group, I knew I had to feature him on this blog. He did a great job matching the cedar and black tones of his cold plunge to his sauna. I'm pretty darn jealous of the overall setup he has. That space looks perfect for a contrast therapy routine! Read on for details on the build:

So... why build a DIY Cold Plunge?

I am always on the lookout for new ways to recover, both mentally and physically. When I heard about cold therapy, I was immediately intrigued, not only for its physical benefits, but also its mental benefits. 

I promote pushing yourself through adversity, and a mind over matter mind set, I find nothing tests this more so than cold therapy. When every urge in your body is screaming at you to get out, being able to push those urges aside, and remain in control, can be applied to so many things in your everyday life.

Were the plans what you expected?

The plans were better than anybody could ask for! This was the first large DIY project I have tackled, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Your plans, videos, and links made it insanely easy. I commend you on how organized and well put together your stuff is. It truly was impressive, I literally have nothing bad to say… I would for sure rate them 10 out of 10. I was blown away by how easy they were to follow!

Were you able to stick to your initial budget?

I need to preface this by stating that I live in Canada, prices seem to be much higher here in almost every sense. When I went into this, I had done some research, and it didn’t look like I was going to be able to buy anything of real quality for under $10.000.00.

I figured I would be able to spend between $3,500-$5,000.00 on this DIY project. All said and done, I'm into it for around $5,000-$5,500.00. I didn’t hold back when it came to building this, I purchased high quality products, and didn’t really try to save in any way. 

Any roadblocks during the build?

In all honesty, it all went extremely smoothly. Your plans were so well put together and the Facebook page provided so many answers, it really was a breeze. The one little issue I had, was a small leak where the barbed Venturi, connected to the spa hose on the filtration system. I just added some more pipe cement and added some hose clamps, and that fixed the issue. Also, my plunge is kept outside, when it was first set up, I didn’t have the electrical components in any type of waterproof box, they were just tucked away in the mechanical area. This was causing moisture to trip the GFI, and would shut down the whole system. Once I added a waterproof box for the electrical stuff, that problem went away.

Did you make any modifications to the plan?

I followed the plan to a T. The only substitution I made was using pressure treated plywood as the top panel, and this was only because I couldn’t find the PVC sheets locally.

What is your favorite/best part of having a DIY cold plunge?

This project was so much fun, the fact that your plans were so well put together limited the amount of frustration you had to experience. The entire journey from start to finish was empowering and inspiring. Every time I get into that tank I know that my hands created it, and there is something very special about that.

Would you recommend the plans to other DIY’ers?

Yes of course I would, I have already passed it along to at least 4 friends. I’ve also thought about the idea of building them and selling them.

Last question – What's your routine with the sauna/cold plunge?

I wake up around 6:00AM, help get my two boys ready for school. Once they are out of the house, I'll hop into the sauna at around 200° for 20 mins, then jump into the cold plunge at 50° for 3 mins, that’s it for the day.

I just want to say thanks again man, I can’t stress enough of how great of an experience this was. You should be damn proud of yourself for creating such a cool experience for some many people.

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