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Ozone generator


Just an all around success.

Joe could not be more helpful, available, accommodating, or knowledgeable. He has single handedly made my plunge what it is. Could not be more grateful.

Inlet & Outlet Spa Bulkhead Fittings

Awesome! Joe has made putting together a DIY Cole Plunge possible. The plans, equipment he sells, and shopping list are fantastic.

Well Done & Great Support

Plans are great! Joe quickly responds to questions. Great value!

Must buy

Best decision I made! I thought I wouldn't need it , but having this plan really helped me. Without it i'm sure I made a mistake that took me a while to get back.

Joe makes instruction Short.
But very clear and concise. Very easy to follow and great quality! It was 3 x more helpful and great quality then I had thought at the time of purchase!

Outstanding plans!

These plans are so thorough. The plans don't just list what you need, but exactly what you need, with pictures. There are videos to accompany the instructions to walk you through each of the phases of the build, as well as exact plans for the cuts you'll need for the wood. Outstanding job!

Works great

I bought this and installed on my Titan brand plunge. The hoses my plunge came with were all 1/2" so I had to purchase some adapters on Amazon, but after getting it installed right, it worked great. Customer service from Joe was great in working with me to identify the best install option.

Love it


Rubbermaid Tank Cover

It’ looks great! Feels very solid but it is a little big. I think it definitely could be a few inches smaller. I’m sure once I strap it down it will slide around less. Otherwise great so far!

Great product

Bought this cover as a request from my husband for Father’s Day , as he made the Plunge from your plans. Could not be more pleased with the quality of the product! We live in the deep south of the United States and our temperatures in summer average in the 90s… The Plunge stays perfectly cold! He loves it… thank you!

It's perfect! Fits great, looks great, works great!

Best addition to my DIY cold plunge

Love this lid. Not only does it finish off the build and make it look great but it keeps in the cold a whole lot better than my homemade one.

Plans take you through the framing process. Does not include plumbing, insulation, etc.

150 gal existing drain

Does not fit the 150 gal drain plug. Seems like they made the plug hold smaller in the 150 than the 100 which makes no sense but oh well. Just a heads up.

Hey William! Thanks for the heads up on this. I didn't have any issue with my 150 gallon build... I'll have to test this on another tank to see if either of our cases was an anomaly. I'l update the product page with what I learn

DIY Plans were amazing!

I used the 150 gallon tank. The plans were simple to understand and easy to execute. This was the best build ever! Someone needs to tell IKEA to take notes. Highly recommend. This took all the guess work out. I watched the videos and then went to cutting and building. Took about 4-5 hours with some breaks. Great job, Joe!!!

The lights are just what I expected. Very easy to install and even easier to use.

Great product

Awesome price, unit is nice and small and efficient.

Great product

Easy to install, sturdy.

Fantastic Product!!

I recently finished the construction of my cold plunge. The instructions, videos, and inventory parts list were perfect. Wry easy to follow. Answered every question that I had along the way with my build. Additionally, Joe has been incredibly prompt in replying to questions regarding functionality and hints after I finished the project.

Luxury Plans

Plans were pretty straight forward to follow! I would recommend bringing the plumbing list to your local hardware store for them to help you find the exact parts. The links were helpful but I don’t have a Menards in my area. Overall though, it helped having this and I learned a lot of new things. Ive always done woodworking but never dived into plumbing. It was a fun new challenge.

Pro tip: if you want to do cedar, consider using cedar fence pickets for the sides. In my area, each picket is $3.45. Around 20 pickets would be enough for the front, back , and sides. It’ll save you money compared to buying 1 x 4s or 1 x 6.


Well worth the money, to say the least!

These plans are meticulous and very easy to follow. Even if you are very handy, it is well worth the investment to see all of the notes incorporating Joe's vast experience and use the shopping lists (with links) to help you make sure you have everything. I made a few tweaks (especially to the frame), but I can't even quantify the amount of hours and headache that these plans saved me.

Excellent Product, Arrived Quickly

I looked all over, and these are definitely my favorite option for inlet and outlet. I HIGHLY recommend getting the plumbing plans -- I would have wasted SO much time without them!

lots of flow in test tank will replumb big tank today

Happy Customers