100 Gallon Rubbermaid Cold Plunge Cover
Rubbermaid Stock Tank Cold Plunge Cover
150 Gallon Rubbermaid Cold Plunge Cover
150 Gallon Rubbermaid Cold Plunge Cover
Stock Tank Cold Plunge Cover Handle
Rubbermaid Ice Bath Cover
Rubbermaid Cold Plunge Cover

Insulated Stock Tank Cover

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If you have a Rubbermaid cold plunge and don't want to "DIY" a lid, check out this foldable stock tank cover. This insulated spa cover comes in sizes for the Rubbermaid 100 and 150 Gallon Stock Tank. This works on standalone stock tank ice baths and fully framed and built out plunges.

Each cover folds in half and features 4 lockable clips and a set of keys for securing your lid and for childproofing purposes.


  • Black Weather Resistant PVC Material
  • Two Sizes Available: Rubbermaid 100 or Rubbermaid 150 Gallon


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
John T.
Rubbermaid Tank Cover

It’ looks great! Feels very solid but it is a little big. I think it definitely could be a few inches smaller. I’m sure once I strap it down it will slide around less. Otherwise great so far!

linda m.f.
Great product

Bought this cover as a request from my husband for Father’s Day , as he made the Plunge from your plans. Could not be more pleased with the quality of the product! We live in the deep south of the United States and our temperatures in summer average in the 90s… The Plunge stays perfectly cold! He loves it… thank you!

Derek J.

It's perfect! Fits great, looks great, works great!

Trevor N.
Best addition to my DIY cold plunge

Love this lid. Not only does it finish off the build and make it look great but it keeps in the cold a whole lot better than my homemade one.

Larry U.
Cold Plunge Cover

I am very pleased with the quality and construction of the new cover. The dimensions and thickness are perfect for a 100 gallon Rubbermaid trough. I highly recommend this product.
DIYColdPlunge.com products are a must for anyone building their own plunge.